Oh, you know, just things

My life is pretty boring right now. Most of it consists of me waking up going into lab, coming home, and sleeping. So, now that I've caught you up on the past two weeks, I'll tell you the latest news (that you already know if you follow me on twitter). My Advisor didn't get the grant supplement, so now I have a hard graduation deadline of next summer. Otherwise, you know, no money for my salary and project next fall. That's the biggest news around these parts. I've got a committee meeting next month and at that time I'm going to give them an outline of experiments that I think I can get done in the next four or so months (I'm working with Advisor on this and he's explaining the reason for this-- so he's advocating for me).

This bugs me on all sorts of levels. Mainly I hate the idea of doing the bare minimum. That isn't what I want for my thesis. I hate the idea of being just adequate. I want to do everything that I proposed in my quals. All the experiments are interesting and cool and scientifically the right things to do. The thing is that I know this project will eventually get funded, but not in time for me (Advisor is planning on submitting either next cycle or the one after). So, I know that someone will do this stuff, but it won't be me.