Hi I'm Boring

The title pretty much says it all. I'm boring right now. I'm not really complaining about that at the moment. It just is.

I've gotten even more boring over the past week or so. I've got a committee meeting tomorrow, so I've been spending time getting data to show off for that. That entailed a lot of working late and working weekends. This schedule did not leave time for too much else. (Aside: Unfortunately, that hasn't really panned out. I've got data coming, but it won't happen until after Monday. I'm not too upset about this. It's just more data that I get to show them at my next meeting.)

Also, Advisor has now set a hard-ish deadline for me to give him a draft of my introduction to my dissertation. That deadline is the 14th of next month. I don't think he'll be too unhappy if I miss it, but I do feel like I need at least something to give him.

So, I don't think this bout of boringness is going to stop any time soon. That means you'll keep getting posts like this for a while.