Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wherein I explain why I'm not posting Or Yet another whine

(I'm moving this up here, so people don't have to read through my entire rant. I'm catching up on blog posts. I'll try to comment soon. I want to preemptively apologize if I miss people, though. I have about 500 unread posts... and I'm fairly distracted.)

I haven't been posting. You haven't really missed much, I'm afraid. I'm very whiny. But to catch you up, here's my schedule:
Wake up
Go to Lab
More Work
Yet More Work
Go Home

So, that's about it. I have all these plans and ideas for balance that almost always get derailed. Take tonight, for instance. Tonight I made plans to go with Dr. Man and friends to Trivia Night. Sounds good, right? Beer, trivia, friends. It sounds like a nice break. Except that the column I packed overnight leaked (yep, someone cracked a leur lock and "fixed" it with teflon tape-- so no one else would notice). Then the second column I packed got knocked over (yeah, let's not go into that one). So, that meant that I didn't get to run the first of three columns until 3:30pm. Yeah, the first of three. So, Dr. Man gets to go to Trivia Night and I get to be here in the lab.

See what you've missed by me not posting?


chall said...

oh, I am so sorry. The columns sound like a story on their own.....

hope it gets better and not as hectic! and good luck with the columns (maybe trivia next week?)

biochem belle said...


You don't need me to tell you this b/c you know. The 'home stretch' is tough. And exhausting. Not to mention Murphy's law seems to hit full force.

Sometimes science screws you over, but take a little time for yourself when you can find it.

Good luck!!

Albatross said...

I always sing that song from Finding Nemo- 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming...'

Sorry to hear you had to skip Trivia though- hopefully things will ease up and be back in balance soon!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Ugh. I hope things swing back your way and you manage to squeeze in some leisure time soon.

CJ said...

I hate columns.... the one I've been trying to get to work for 4 months FINALLLY worked today. So there is hope :)

Amelie said...

Argh, I'm sorry. Hope you get a chance for a night or even day off soon.

Anonymous said...

very good!