A rant that I cannot post on Facebook

I really want to post this on Facebook, but I can’t. However, I want to get it out somewhere. I’m getting sick and tired of people posting political comments on Facebook calling people of different political beliefs (or ideals?) as idiots or morons or some other derogatory term. I have friends from across the political spectrum and I do not post political statements because I know it would hurt their feelings.

However, frankly, I’m getting tired of being called names. Below is what I really want to comment on a few people’s statuses calling me (not in particular, but people of the same political persuasion as me) an idiot, moron, or un-American.

“Perhaps, you would like to rephrase your comment. It's never nice to name call.* At least, I like to think that you wouldn't call me a fill-in-the-blank to my face. While we disagree on politics, I think it would be better for you to encourage people to write their congress person or to support candidates that hold the same opinions as you. Both of those are reasonable and highly commendable. However, calling someone a name will do nothing to convert them to your cause.

Also, what happened to being civil and polite? I know we disagree and I just avoid discussing politics with you. I do that because I know that we have two completely different opinions and that no matter what I say you will not suddenly agree with me. I know that because, most likely, no matter what you say to me I will not change my mind. So, we continue to disagree. However, I know that, in the end, you and I both have the best of intentions and neither of us are inherently bad people and there is room for both of us in this country.

*Besides it hurts my feelings.”