An Introduction and the Daycare Dilemma

Sorry about the radio silence, but I’ve been a bit busy.

I’d like to introduce Kiddo to everyone. He made his entrance into this world on July 1st at 6:46am (after I was in labor for just about freaking ever) and was 7 lbs. 15 oz and 20 inches long (technically 19.88 inches, but I’m rounding).

The name thing was difficult for us. We were debating between the last name of a president/civil war general and a family name. After he was born, it was clear that the family name fit him the best. So, we named him after his paternal great-grandfather/his dad’s middle name and inadvertently after Harry Potter’s dad. (I say inadvertently because we didn’t realize they shared a name until a friend of mine mentioned it.) I don’t have a really good blog name for Kiddo yet, so I’m open to suggestions in the comments.

I’ll probably post a birth story-- mostly for myself and because I’ve always enjoyed reading other people’s stories-- eventually. Also, I have some other thoughts on pregnancy and new parenthood that I’ve not been able to share. So, I’ll post those too... sometime.
Now the Daycare Dilemma.

Finding a place for Kiddo has been difficult. We had solved this problem back in May and settled on Third Choice Daycare (for lack of a better pseudonym). About three weeks ago I got a call from Close-Second Choice Daycare saying they had an opening. We jumped at that. The location of Close-Second Choice Daycare is slightly more convenient than Third Choice and I liked the teachers much better. Also, they have webcams that would allow me to check on Kiddo throughout the day. So, we put down a nonrefundable deposit of ~$1000 (enrollment fee and 1st month-- daycare is expensive!) and were pleased.

Now today we got an email from 1st Choice/On-Campus Daycare saying they had an opening. 1st Choice/On-Campus Daycare is literally a 5 minute walk (if that) from my lab, has nursing rooms (I could nurse Kiddo at lunch!), and would allow him to spend less time in daycare (due to almost no transit time). So, the question is: Do we forget about our large deposit to Second Choice and go with 1st Choice/On-Campus Daycare? Or do we tell 1st Choice/On-Campus Daycare, thanks but no? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!