A Happy Post

Or: Cool things about Kiddo

I know that I’ve been complaining a lot recently, but Kiddo really is awesome and I want to share.

  1. Kiddo is a natural-born scientist. It is so cool to see him figure things out. It is really neat to watch him learn how to feed himself. He was absolutely delighted to realize that the puffs were edible and tasty (for non-parents, these are cereal-like things that will dissolve-- in time-- in his mouth and are not a major choking hazard). He’s also figured out that the Dixie Dog is a creature that can move on her own. This never fails to delight him.

  2. Kiddo is delighted to see me when I go to feed him at lunch or pick him up from daycare. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood because of experiments, etc. when I see him so excited to see me.

  3. Kiddo has started to “play” with me. He tries various things to elicit some desired response from me. For example, he has found his tongue and will stick it out at me. When I do that to him, he’s fascinated and tries to figure out how to get me to do that again. He also tries to do things to make me laugh, which I thoroughly enjoy.

  4. Sleeping baby. He will be going full force and then fall asleep in my arms.

  5. Teeth. The cutting of the teeth is not fun, but the result is super cute.

  6. Kiddo is molding me into a better person. Since I want to model the type of behavior I want Kiddo to have, I’m learning to be more patient and calmer. Also, snapping at an almost 9 month old is both unbecoming and the opposite of useful. This patience is transferring to Dr. Man too. So, I suppose he’s making me a better partner, too.