Monday, April 2, 2012

Better out than in, I always say

Today Kiddo has been external longer than he has been internal (by one full day). He has passed the outdoor fetus stage, the bump on a log stage, and is now firmly entrenched in the learning to be a small person stage. It amazes me how much he’s changed in the past 9 months.

It also amazes me how much I’ve changed in the past 9 months. I can eat most anything one handed, have unlocked the change-a-squirmy-baby-oops-now-he’s-on-his-stomach achievement, and have lost ~53 pounds.

I’m pretty pleased with the little guy. Sometimes I want to slow down time so I can focus on enjoying the new things he does. (Right now he’s figuring out how to put things in a box and take them out again. It’s really cute to see the concentration on his face and how happy it makes him to dump everything out again.) However, I can do without the separation anxiety paired with the I-want-mommy-only phase. That can be one thing that can change quickly.

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ScienceGirl said...

We are still in the "I-want-mommy-only" phase, except it has been renamed to "Mama, no work!" plus crying, and a tantrum when I return just to let me know how bad I screwed up by leaving her.

But, Mommy can fix anything, cure anything with a kiss, and I am on top of the world when she runs up to me to give me a hug.

Not sure what we are going to do about the teen years. We need some sort of refrigeration method, pronto. Is it on your research list yet?