Friday, November 2, 2012

RBOC:NaBloPoMo Edition

  • Ack! I completely forgot about NaBloPoMo this year. I really wanted to attempt it this time. Le sigh. I suppose I'll just start it a day late. I mean, what's going to happen? Is the national blogging police going to come after me?
  • Double Ack! I forgot my blogiversary... again.
  • Triple Ack! Yesterday was my two year defense-iversary. I can't believe I defended two years ago. Time does fly.
  • I'm frustrated by things at work right now. It's mostly because I've reached my project-limit and my PD PI wants to add more to my plate. Well, technically I suppose this project has been on my plate-- it's just been the last priority. I was going to do Extraneous Pilot Project the week before Thanksgiving. (It's a logistical thing. I won't be around Thurs-Sun that week. So I'll kill off my cells and won't be performing any assays. This would have given me the perfect window to perform Extraneous Pilot Project.)
  • Kiddo was super cute during his Fall Festival at daycare. His favorite thing was the "hayride" (a wagon full of hay that I pulled him around in. His second favorite thing was staring/tentatively touching the pumpkins, which he insisted upon calling bubbles.
  • Kiddo's vocabulary includes: Daddy, doggy, di-er (diaper), ba (ball), boo (book), baooo (balloon), apul (apple), ca (car), go, baaaa (said at a high, excited pitch means bus), a possible towel and blue, as well as various signs.
  • Kiddo's vocabulary does not include: Mommy and no. The latter may be forthcoming, though. I'm still waiting on the former.
  • Kiddo told what I think was his first joke the other day. We were "playing" one of his favorite games. In this game he points at something and names it. In this particular itteration we were sitting in the living room and he was naming his toys (there was lots of ba and some ca). He pointed to Dr. Man and said "Dadddy!" He then pointed to me, said "Doggy!," and then proceeded to collapse in a fit of giggles.


Jennie said...

No wonder kiddo doesn't say mommy, someone has been calling you doggie behind your back. LOL

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