Confessions Week Uno

Jennie and I agreed to do this No Eating Out in June challenge (see her post and mine for more information). We agreed to do confessions on a weekly basis and she did her confessions yesterday. And I am nothing if not a procrastinator, so here are mine. I freely admit that I did not do as well as her on this challenge... so far.

Forgive me internets, for I have failed this week in the challenge. Things started out well. I went out to eat with Dr. Man and Co. on Sunday and that was fine. Then, research struck! I ended up having to stay in the lab until ~9:30pm (this works out to be 13 hours in case anyone is keeping track) and I got hungry. I hadn't expected to stay so late, so I hadn't packed dinner. I ended up ordering out for pizza. Then, the following day Advisor treated us all to lunch (and I want to encourage Advisor to do this, so I didn't refuse) (BTW, isn't that just really nice of him?). Finally, there was Saturday in Dodge. I went shooting again-- this will be another post-- and Dr. Man's friends wanted to go out to dinner. I would've been the only hold out and felt guilty. So, I said yes and went along.

I'm hoping to do better this week. I've got emergency peanut butter and crackers in my desk drawer to guard against late nights. I've already scheduled my one night out this week (Girl's night at a local indian food place). And Dr. Man knows that we're eating in this weekend.

I'll pipet thirty-two digests for my penance.