The Ties that (loosely) Bind

Many of my female friends have gotten married recently. These events always involve a variety of events and amongst these events is the Bachelorette Party. The locale of these have varied (from a night out on the town to a spa night in), but they all include one thing: lingerie giving. Why? I'm not sure. Very few have asked for such items (although, they were appreciated), but we give them nonetheless. It's also not that much of a burden, at least on my part. I just go to Vicky's (Victoria's Secret) and look for something fun and pretty. At least, until now. This weekend is SIL-1's Bachelorette Party. And she's requested a lingerie shower.

I've posted previously about how we're not particularly close, but I was thrilled that she asked me to be a bridesmaid as I thought it would bring us closer. Unfortunately, not so much. I think with all the wedding excitement and SIL-1 being three hours away, it's just not really conducive to such things. (Even though I think she could have at least sent me a picture of the shoes I'll be wearing or respond to my emails with more than one or two words.) While that bit hasn't really worked out it did present a problem when I was shopping for her for this weekend's event. As in how does one buy lingerie for someone one hardly knows? On top of that, how does one buy lingerie for the most Conservative Person One Is Personally Acquainted With (obviously, we don't talk politics)?

She specifically asked for "sexy" lingerie. She said that she wanted something special. So, I went with the easiest way, I asked the sales clerk. I told her I was shopping for my very conservative sister-in-law's bachelorette party and she wanted something sexy.

I ended up declining the sales clerk's crotchless underwear suggestion and buying a tasteful babydoll instead.