Wedding Parties

Busy, busy, busy. It never really stops. In one shape or another, I've been very involved with work the past few months. This weekend, though, I get a bit of a break. SIL-1's wedding is this weekend. Dr. Man and I are going down this evening, though. This is for two reasons (1) Dr. Man wants to see his family and (2) there are about a billion events prior to the wedding.

Now, I did have a bridal shower prior to my wedding (much to my annoyance). It was mostly done to appease my mother, who was aghast that I might not have one. I don't like being the center of attention. I never have, really. So, the idea of opening up presents in front of everyone was not appealing. Still, it was easier to give in than it was to fight (and by that point in time I was picking my battles). The shower was a low-key affair with no games, but there was coffee (it was held at my favorite coffee shop). The shower wasn't all that bad and the opening of presents was kept to a minimum. However, over the past two months, including this weekend, SIL-1 has had two bridal showers, a bachelorette party (with a lingerie shower), and a bridesmaid luncheon.

As I feel no compunction to give more than one gift, I'm not annoyed, but I am amazed. Amazed that anyone would want to spend that much time in the spotlight. Seriously, that'd be my worst nightmare. Still, this gives me a chance to dress up and wear cute dress one and cute dress two.