Detecting a pattern

I like New Year Resolutions (NYRs). I like the promise that they bring for leading A Better Life. This enjoyment is not diminished, not one iota, by the fact that I'm horrible about following through with NYRs. Over the past few days (while being sick) I've had the opportunity to look over last year's resolutions and I realized that I didn't do so well on them. In fact, I followed them for about two months and that was that. I don't have a solution for the lack of follow-through. So, I'm going to experiment with a different tack for the next three months: A Theme.

I think that Profgrrrrl does a theme each year and she seems to have much success with it. Maybe a theme will give me more focus? Anyhow, when trying to choose a theme I stayed away from focusing on school stuff. Like EcoGeoFemme, this will be the year of Getting Stuff Done in that sphere no matter what. [As an aside, I'm setting a goal for asking for permission to write at my fall committee meeting. That may not happen-- it's very likely that it won't-- but I figure it's worth a try. That could be a great theme: Permission to Write. However, it's no secret that until recently I was going through a phase of nothing working and having to face that sometimes I just don't have any control over the timeline of my experiments. I'd prefer my theme to be something that I have lots of control over-- timeliness and otherwise.] Instead my theme is going to be: Being Healthy.

In my Scientiae post I talked about a door opening to being healthy. I think that I'm going to walk through that door. So, for the next three months I have some specific goals:

Maybe this will work?